Scrum Master presents themselves to stakeholders and clients

The Scrum Master role is a classic traditional role in Scrum teams but often has to communicate with stakeholders. In the article, we present an example presentation by the Scrum Master of the role in the team to directors and clients of the organization.

Soft skills are an important skill for any modern Scrum Master. You should not ignore this fact.

For a long time, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do. My interests, talents, and skills do not fit perfectly with any of the conventional, or not so conventional, professions you dreamed of as a child. This lack of a professional plan created a lack of emotional resilience and motivation.

I want to be a professional Scrum Master

Today I want to be a professional Scrum Master. Reference: My job as a Web Application Specialist at the company I currently work for has helped me find the path I want to follow. I touched on a matter that is in perfect symbiosis with my personal qualities and skills. The only thing I lacked was knowledge. This is the reason why I decided to start accumulating in-depth knowledge, which I will apply in the future, with a Scrum Master course. The next step was to become a Product Owner. This is why: What makes a good Product Owner and what do they do?, 2020,

I want to improve Scrum processes and projects and support Development teams. Reference: To be the crossroads where all roads meet and traffic is distributed. And many others that I have yet to analyze and discover.

My worries are built only in terms of time and experience. I am skeptical if I will find a place to practice what I have learned and improve it. I’m not sure where to start and how a Product Owner or Scrum Master manages to get to the actual practice of the profession. Reference: Professional Scrum Master vs Professional Scrum Developer,, 2019

I’m not sure how I can find an entry role position to start my career. For me, this is extremely important, as I am more practically oriented than lectured.

It is too early to talk about potential problems at work, but for myself, I will probably have to put more effort into the time management segment. If I have a certain deadline to complete a task, then there are two options.

Or I will finish it at an early stage and then I will have extra time for adjustments. Or I’ll postpone it until the last minute, then I’ll harness all my resources for the rest of the time until the deadline and present a great result (usually this happens), but I’ll be angry that I’ve created stress in the end, instead arrange everything evenly.

A little for me as a Scrum Master

For example, I can talk about myself, but I don’t like it. I prefer to hear what others have to say about me and what impression I leave behind.
Since in this situation I have to talk about myself, I will try to do it in the most objective way possible without leaving a false first impression.

I am a young and motivated person. Something inherent in my character is that I am uncompromising and would not leave work unfinished. At work, I am persistent and eager to complete each task, focusing on the details that I think summarize the essence of each activity in Scrum. Reference:

Being responsible means two things – being well-mannered and having a previous experience that has made you so. I can say for myself that I am responsible at work and in my personal life. Without responsibility, a person cannot communicate and create full-fledged connections with others.

Professional ethics and attitude is again something I have gained through experience, but these are empty words before one gets a chance to prove that he owns them. I am straightforward and steadfast when it comes to working and solving certain cases. I am a supporter of simple but high-quality communication, which aims to achieve maximum results and satisfaction for both parties. Read more: The Scrum Master role in real project teams,

One of my favorite personal qualities is a positive attitude towards people and work. Another strong quality that I have is the ability to see beyond people’s shells, to put myself in their shoes, and with the help of psychology and experience so far to analyze what is the best way to communicate with each person.

This quality is a great advantage when it comes to communication with colleagues and business relationships with customers. Finding the most appropriate methods of communication for both parties from the very beginning would facilitate the work process and lead to a long-term partnership.

I can listen to my interlocutor, to analyze what is said, and to be as useful as possible in the feedback I give. Ultimately, I believe that communication is at the heart of any healthy and stable relationship, both professionally and personally.

Presentation of the Scrum Master role to the clients

I would like to introduce myself as the Scrum Master role in the new project. If you want to know what it’s like to be a Scrum Master, read this presentation, Reference:

My name is Julia Stevens. I haven’t always been a Scrum Master. I have been in the company for more than 5 years. During this period, we have gone through many different projects, and I dare say that the percentage of negative feedback during the processing of my projects is below 0.6%.

I enclose to this e-mail my portfolio with all completed projects, as well as a short CV. I think that if we get to know each other well at the beginning of the work process, we will be able to build trust and a method of work that is to our liking.

The partnership is a bilateral and continuous investment in the name of its ultimate goal. I think I can be someone you can count on at any time and we will quickly find a common language of work. One of my best qualities that you will rediscover over time is my ability to adapt quickly to any environment or situation. Reference:

I think that together we can achieve excellent results. As for me as a person, at first glance, I can say that I am a positive, charismatic, and open person. In this line of thought, I can assure you that communication will run smoothly, accurately, and, without unnecessary nonsense, wasting both my time and yours.

I follow this principle throughout my professional career and for me, time is a very important asset that must be used wisely and with quality.

I want to know what are your preferred methods of communication and how to organize the flow of information between us to be most convenient and productive for all.

I am available not only on my business email and phone but also on my personal with any additional questions or individual consultations. I am in a meeting for all your professional needs.

Let this be the beginning of a successfully implemented project and a long-term partnership in the future.

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